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  1. lowga

    Best Way to Remove Waterslide Decals

    Found this Estes Citation Patriot at a flea market. In good shape--needing only a chute, new shock cord, and paint. Never had to remove waterslide decals before, but it seems warranted in this case. What's the best way to remove these decals without damaging the body tube? Thought I'd remove...
  2. Curtis Enlow

    Civilian/NASA rocket decal sets?

    Hey All, I am considering exterior finish for my LOC IV. Not sure which direction I am going to go, but one of the options is a civilian 'semi-scale' rocket exterior, i.e., vertical "UNITED STATES", roll markings, panel lines, maybe some small placards, US flag - that sort of thing. Does...
  3. dappa1012

    Where can I buy Decal paper?

    Where can I buy Decal paper? Seems Bellpaper decalpaper is out of business? Help!
  4. Brian H.

    Found Decal scan for Estes Ascender

    I have built a 2x upscale of the Estes Ascender for my L2 project and need to make some decals for it. It feels a bit naked:( . Any help is greatly appreciated.