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  1. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - UROC Red Rock Rocket Launch near Green River, UT, May 20-22 2022 - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches

    Travel to UROC launch May 20-22 near Green River UT. UROC replacing their Bonneville Salt Flat Launch they moved to red rocks of Green River UT area's near Horse Bench Reservoir. Wide open space for a great launch. Friday start off windy but calmed down to great weather after lunch time...
  2. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - LDSR 39 - 2021 - Bonneville Salt Flats

    Returned to the Salt for LDRS 39. Large crowd and well organized by UROC. Weather was on/off with low clouds Friday but Saturday was near perfect but hot. Seems the salt was less messy than last visit or maybe I was better prepared. Enjoyed the evenings at the Casino Restaurants...
  3. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - 2021 May NSL Alamosa, CO

    Traveled ~17 hrs from Northern California to Alamosa, Colorado to fly at 2021 NSL over the Memorial weekend. Stopped over in Moab to see Arches and Canyonland National Parks on the way. Most of travel was on Route 50, not much traffic. San Luis Valley Rocketeers put on a well organized and...
  4. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - Tripoli Las Vega Octoberfest, Jean, NV

    My first launch since pandemic started, last flew at Tripoli San Diego HOVOC launch in March, 2020. Hopefully, spring will bring new regional launches. Good to be back at Jean Dry Lake. Near perfect weather. Hot, sunny, breeze Friday giving way to calm rest of the week. I didn't go to...
  5. robbdm

    David and John Robb's Rocket Launches - 2020 March - Tripoli San Diego's Havoc #4

    Traveled down from Northern California for Tripoli San Diego Havoc #4 launch. Held at the Holtville closed airport near the Mexico border. This my first outing this year. Weather was good except for windy Saturday afternoon. Full moon lit up the night. Wild Flowers... Range setup...
  6. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - Tripoli HAVOC 4 - Trident Club Project

    Traveled from Northern California to Tripoli San Diego Havoc #4 launch. Held at the Holtville closed airport near the Mexico border. My launches completed for the weekend I caught the launch of the club project - Trident. 20 feet long, ~104 lbs, 7.6 inches wide flying on an Aerotech...
  7. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - 2019 TCC October Skies, Helm , CA

    Great time at Tripoli Central California's October Skies Launch. Breezy Friday and Saturday but pleasant warm, sunny, and clear fall weekend at Maddox Dairy. Several rocket and food vendors to fill the day. Nice crowd, no waits, usually TCC excellence in launches. 5 launches for...
  8. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - NSL 2019 - ROC - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches

    Traveled south to ROC to attend NSL 2019. Attended NSL there in 2011. ROC ran a great launch organized in every way and quick launches. The wind closed down flights Friday at lunchtime but calmed down in time for night flights. Saturday was near perfect - calm, sunny, and clear...
  9. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - 2019 May Fire in the Sky - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches

    Visited Washington Aerospace Club's Fire in the Sky Launch - 20th Anniversary Launch. Took place at the Mansfield's Sportman's club outside Mansfield, WA. Enjoyed the onsite buckshot grill for meals during launch, great hang out when raining. Cool, rainy, and windy weekend but cleared up...
  10. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - 2019 April SARG Club Launch

    Visited SARG for their April Club Launch. Might be last launch of the year due dry conditions. I've not been to SARG for a few years and it pleasure to see everyone again. SARG launches at Gibson Ranch Park in Elvarta, CA. Pleasant spring weather, warm and sunny, brought out big...
  11. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - LUNAR April 2018 Club Launch

    LUNAR's first launch of the season, prior launches canceled by rainy weather. Perfect weather for a launch - calm, sunny, and warm. Wild flowers everywhere with water in the creeks. Large crowd for maybe the first and last launch of the season. Three flights from me. Pain Killer...
  12. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - NCR Mile High in July Launch - July, 2018, Northern Colorado

    We attended a great launch in the Pawnee Grasslands - NCR's High Times in July. Great location, no trees, water, poles, etc. NCR provided a warn welcome and casual launch. Launch was in question till the last minute due to dry conditions but it all worked out. Five flights...