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  1. J

    Featherweight Datalog Velocity Units

    I recently flew a Featherweight GPS tracker with my university team up to ~7,000 feet and while reviewing the logs, noticed an interesting quirk in the flight data. In both the ground station and the tracker logs, the vertical velocity measurement seems abnormally high. Our estimated maximum...
  2. Sparrowhawk

    Question about sensor filtering

    Hi! I'm in the process of programming a flight computer that I developed from the ground-up, and I was curious if people had insight into the best ways to solve for rocket position and orientation. I've seen a lot of information on Kalman filtering, but as far as I can tell those algorithms...
  3. B

    Looking for Data

    I am trying to develop an algorithm to look at raw data and do a bunch of calculations with it to spit out some useful info. We haven't been able to launch our rocket and get data to work with. Can someone out there provide me with some data from any of their rockets? I'd need the following...
  4. M

    OpenRocket not recognizing intermediate stage after export from RockSim.

    Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm intentionally reposting this here and deleting the old thread, because on reflection it doesn't quite fit in "Rocketry Electronics and Software." No replies over there to miss, either. I'm exploring high-altitude darts, and conversations...
  5. diamoeba

    Publicly accessible flight data set?

    Hi! I'm a member of the UVic (University of Victoria) Rocketry team, and I'm trying to find a publicly accessible collection of flight data from a large number of amateur high-power rocket flights. I'm most interested in altitude, location, and/or acceleration data over time, but any sort of...