1. mtnmanak

    Darkstar Series Build

    Finished a number of rocket projects recently, so planning on diving into some new ones. One of my next ventures is to build out (most/all/some?) the Darkstar series rockets from Wildman. I feel ambitious enough to say I would like to culminate with a Jumbo build sometime in the future, but...
  2. SaturnV_

    4" Darkstar questions

    Hey, So after losing my 2.1" Darkstar, I'm gonna start building the 4" Darkstar. I have a few questions regarding it that I hope you guys could help me with. What diameter parachute should I go with? I would do a sim first, but I'd rather buy everything at once to pay for shipping once. What...
  3. Donnie

    Darkstar Fin Shape(s)

    So I see a couple of variations of fin shapes on the darkstar, even on wildman's site. Are there different flavors for different sizes, different generations, etc., or are people just modifying them to suit their tastes? I prefer the configuration on the red rocket to the configuration on the...