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  1. T

    Help with a Custom Made Launch Controller for G motors / HPR

    Hello fellow rocketeers, I hope you are doing well. I am currently designing a rocket that will fly with a G or H motor but I have a problem. Because I live in Spain and here, rocketry isn't commonly known like in USA and around, it is very hard to find and buy certain elements. Today I'm...
  2. mjennings

    Custom Satellite Probe & Red River Starliner

    Started these 2 old kits over the winter and wrapped them up over the weekend. I bought both close to 12 years ago when I lived in FL. I found the Satellite Probe in a hobby shop on US 1Probe 528 in Cocoa. It was probably at least 10 years OoP at that time, they didn't move a lot of rockets...