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  1. Z

    Wanted CTI-Pro98 6GXL Casing

    Dear Community, we are a student team from Germany and are in need for a CTI-6GXL Hardware Set. We have a mission coming month and originally had a casing secured but had a communication error with a seller. If anyone is willing to sell us one, we would be in great debt to you! Thank you...
  2. GAP

    Leave No Doubt: An M2020 to Mach 3 (ish)

    Well it has been a little over a month since I launched this thing and getting all the data with all the difficulties I have had has taken forever. But now that I finally have analyzed the data I thought I'd write up a little post detailing the flight: On July 29th 2023 at approximately 3pm...
  3. SoCalChris

    Sold New, never used CTI Pro75 6G-XL casing

    I'm selling a brand new, never fired CTI Pro75 6G-XL Gen 2 casing set with hardware. I'd bought it for my L3 attempt which I never got around to, and would like to put the money from this into another hobby. This includes the case, forward closure, nozzle holder and retaining rings. This does...
  4. ssnerwood

    Removing ejection charge from CTI K630 to enable use in Dual Deploy

    I would like to make a Dual Deployment flight but it looks like a lower cloud ceiling than the CTI L850 will allow for. Is there a special technique to allow removal of the ejection charge from a CTI 630 so that I may test my Dual Deployment configuration? Thanks.
  5. H

    Unknown 5 grain 38mm CTI Motor

    I have an unknown CTI 38mm 5 grain propellent kit, I weighed the grains minus the pyrodex pellet and came up with 362.36 grams. Im wondering if the cardboard sleeves are included in the propellant mass figure and if the case itself is included in the total mass figure. The reload kit looks to be...
  6. Cameron Anderson

    CTI i303 blue CATOs

    Anyone having issues with the CTI i303? Had a guy I fly with CATO two of them using different cases. First one looked like a hard chuff. It wasn't until he brought the airframe back that we saw the aft closure blew out and the case shot into the av bay and did some good damage. The second one...
  7. George Spanos

    Cesaroni Pro-X rocket motors are available again in Europe

    Euro Space Technology has brought back Cesaroni Pro-X rocketmotors to Europe. I have to notice that CTI Pro-X Family have CE approval from INERIS according to the Directives 2007/23/EC and 2013/29/EU. So it is considered as pyrotechnic article and category P2. If you want to import it in another...
  8. Cameron Anderson

    Motor tech from the future!

    I got this today, Nov 5th. My local vendor got it last Wednesday. CTI has been taking a lot of flak lately and I want to defend them, but come on guys, you can't get a date stamp right?? It just gets people questioning other things. Or am I just nitpicking?
  9. Cameron Anderson

    CTI case use post-ballistic crash

    At BALLS this weekend I had a rocket come in ballistic from 25,000 feet. At impact, the upper air frame was reduced to rubble, smashing rearward towards the CTI 54mm 6XL case. It looks like the lower avionics bay eye bolt and drogue quick link dented the forward end of the case. There are three...
  10. Cameron Anderson

    Loc Terrier Sandhawk build thread

    There seems to be a fair number of people building the Loc Terrier Sandhawk right now so I decided to throw my build on here. I'm sure plan will evolve over the course of the build, but my two main goals for this build are focused on camera placement. I want one internal Mobius in the Sandhawk...
  11. P

    Pro54 K780 Assembly Concern

    I have a K780 Blue Streak to assemble and fly for this weekend and I have an issue I haven't encountered before. The forward bulkhead of the motor is so loose in the liner, that the small, aft o-ring won't even engage the inside diameter of the liner. I'm wondering if epoxying the bulkhead in...

    Found Cesaroni P54-6XL Grain Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-6XL Grain Motor Case. Thank You

    Found WANTED Cesaroni 54mm 4 Grain Motor Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-4 grain motor case, in good condition and clean. Thanks
  14. BackSeatBryce

    Availability of CTI Larger Motors

    Good morning, everyone. I took a few years off from the hobby, but I just came back in time to fly at XPRS in 2018. What I learned there was that vendors don't really have any 38mm or 54mm CTI reloads at this time and don't foresee getting a steady supply any time soon (at least this was what...
  15. rocketboyz

    Inventory Sell-out - Remaining items

    have a few items remaining with great prices. I attached a link to Flickr with images and uploaded some pics, if this does not work, send an email to [email protected] and I will forward the .XLS spreadsheet Thanks for looking and Carpe Caelum Steve...
  16. GaryT

    Sold CTI Pro98 6G Case Gen2

    CTI Pro98 6G Case Gen2 For sale: Mint Condition, Shipping ONLY Within the US ***FREE SHIPPING!*** Email me at [email protected] 250.00
  17. farsidius

    CTI 75mm O-ring Grain Spacers Mis-sized - anyone else?

    Didn't see a post about this (not that the search function would have found it) so I thought I would ask. Went to assemble a CTI M2045 Blue Streak (6 gr) at our club launch two weeks ago and all the grain spacer O-rings were the wrong size. Someone on the assembly line had mistakenly packaged...