cti hardware

  1. Olly Ye

    Wanted [Urgent] CTI Pro98 6GXL casing

    Hello all, Just joined this community. I am part of UBC Rocket, a student engineering design team. We just launched a 2-stage (N5800 to M1800) rocket at the Spaceport America Cup recently (video attached). Unfortunately, our CTI Pro98 6GXL casing was damaged and cannot be used for our upcoming...

    Found Cesaroni P54-6XL Grain Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-6XL Grain Motor Case. Thank You

    Found WANTED Cesaroni 54mm 4 Grain Motor Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-4 grain motor case, in good condition and clean. Thanks
  4. rocketboyz

    Inventory Sell-out - Remaining items

    have a few items remaining with great prices. I attached a link to Flickr with images and uploaded some pics, if this does not work, send an email to [email protected] and I will forward the .XLS spreadsheet Thanks for looking and Carpe Caelum Steve...