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  1. D

    Layering of Createx Candy20

    I am looking to do a two-tone metallic candy finish on an Estes StarOrbiter. Yellow body color, deep red nosecone fading out to the yellow body color about half way to the fins. Presumably, some transition through red-orange in the middle as the colors overlap. Base color will be the...
  2. Rocketcas

    Painting the Mad Cow Little John with Createx Colors

    I enjoy the build threads published on TRF. However, paint is my first love and thought a paint thread might be fun and, perhaps, maybe even useful. The subject is a 4" Little John from Madcow Rocketry painted with the Createx Colors (sealers, basecoats, candies, metallics, and pearls) line...
  3. mjennings

    Createx Masking Problems

    Does anyone else have issues with Createx paints (both regular and Wicked Colors) having poor adhesion to the primer coat? I've had several rockets and other projects that when I let the first color dry, usually over night and then apply my masking tape (often green Frog tape, but some times...