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  1. lowga

    Sold Cox Honest John Launch Set Cat No.129 PRICE REDUCED

    For sale, vintage Cox Honest John RTF Launch Set, in box. Straight from 1972 to your living room, this set is guaranteed to take you back. Looks like the original rocketeer never even flew it. The yellow "launch pad" is brand new, even the blast defector and brass launch rod is clean as a...
  2. lowga

    Plastic Cement & Cox Honest John

    Purchased a well used Cox Honest John at a yard sale. In good shape in every way except that one fin was broken near the root where it joins the body. Not broken off completely, but rather it has "fallen into" the body tube and won't come completely out due to the nature of the break. I can...
  3. lowga

    Found Honest John Kits (Centuri, Cox, Etc.)

    I'm a huge collector/builder of anything related to the Honest John Missile. While my collection of these rockets is pretty large, there are still several that I'm looking for. Willing to pay any reasonable price, and perhaps some that are not reasonable--just don't tell my wife. Centuri...