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  1. Landru

    3D Printing Filter adapter for anesthesia masks

    Seems like a lot of people are trying to do their own masks in the wake of this crisis, and i figured i may as well share what I've been up to. I've been collaborating to come up with a n95 substitute using...
  2. Culprit

    3D Printing COVID Confusion Nose Cone

    Hello! Since paper towels and toilet paper appear to be quite desirable these days, I couldn't just throw the empty tubes away. LOL! I found a good Coronavirus model on Thingiverse and made it into a fitting nose cone in Fusion 360. The virus obviously needs supports, but PrusaSlicer also...
  3. OverTheTop

    COVID Testing and Outcomes

    Just curious: How many people here have been tested and how many have come back positive (I hope I am not getting too personal here :)). Just trying to get a feel for the amount of testing being done. I have not been tested myself and, more concern is that I know of nobody else that has been...