1. hambirm2018

    Enough is Enough!

    Any idea how long we are going to allow the virus the consume our lives? When will we decide as a group ask to take this topic off of here?
  2. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Georgia Has Reopened

    ^ Highway Yesterday, weird to see traffic starting up again although it's how it has always been before the virus lol. Also, restaurants were super packed, guess people are tired of home cooking
  3. Landru

    3D Printing Filter adapter for anesthesia masks

    Seems like a lot of people are trying to do their own masks in the wake of this crisis, and i figured i may as well share what I've been up to. I've been collaborating to come up with a n95 substitute using...
  4. Culprit

    3D Printing COVID Confusion Nose Cone

    Hello! Since paper towels and toilet paper appear to be quite desirable these days, I couldn't just throw the empty tubes away. LOL! I found a good Coronavirus model on Thingiverse and made it into a fitting nose cone in Fusion 360. The virus obviously needs supports, but PrusaSlicer also...
  5. OverTheTop

    COVID Testing and Outcomes

    Just curious: How many people here have been tested and how many have come back positive (I hope I am not getting too personal here :)). Just trying to get a feel for the amount of testing being done. I have not been tested myself and, more concern is that I know of nobody else that has been...