1. Joshua Smith

    Estes Saturn V, Quintuple Cluster, Staged

    I imagine someone has posed this idea before, and I know this would be a mess, but maybe a fun mess. I have an extra Estes Saturn V Skylab (main body tube is a bit squished), but the Skylab vs Apollo doesn't much matter here. What I want to do, because I can (try), is modify it to be a cluster...
  2. AstroAbaqus

    Happy to join the community!

    Hi to everyone, I think is more than 5 years since I do not write on a forum, probably even more and I am so happy to finally have returned to this much effective way of communication (rather than social media ). I am writing and launching from Scotland UK, however, I am an adopted Scotsman...
  3. BruceS

    Bruce's Scale Sputnik

    Ok, as teased before, I am answering a challenge to upscale my 4" Splatnik. This will be a scratch built 12" diameter (roughly 1/2 sized) model of Sputnik 1. 3 engine cluster, streamer recovery. I'm going to post as I go. Step 1: Gather the parts.
  4. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    9 Motor Cluster (with gimbaled center motor)

    Hi everyone! I have been developing a open source TVC system for model rocket. I then got a crazy Idea of clustering 9 motors. Of course I highly doubt I would attempt this anytime soon, But I was wondering if anyone ever clustered slow burn motors with normal motors. I made a rough CAD design...
  5. M

    Simulating parallel staging in a cluster (in OpenRocket).

    Silly thought, but one I had in the shower earlier today. Is there any way to simulate parallel staging in a cluster? Specifically, I'm thinking of a situation where you'd have several very large motors strapped together in a cluster, and then only certain sets (in symmetrical pairs) would be...
  6. boatgeek

    Drag Queen, a slightly off-kilter spool

    One more entry from Boatgeek's House of Ridiculous Rockets. I wanted to build an LPR spool, and heck, what says fun like clusters, right? So out of foamboard and 18mm body tube came this guy: Unfortunately, when I glued it up two years ago, it was a little off-kilter. The plates of the spool...
  7. M

    Estes Saturn V 2157 with 4x18mm and 1x24mm Cluster & Moldin' Oldies Parts. Started in late 2010. LOL

    So like a lot of other people who have the Saturn V they are looking to build/complete them for the up coming anniversary. And Estes has the newest re-release, which I might get and put in the closet where I had left this one. Me, well I think I got this kit in late 2010 (`DOH) and had started...
  8. Jonathan 7

    Three stages, second stage air-starts 18mm 2x Cluster w Parasite Glider

    This one has a D12-0 booster that air-starts a two 18mm motor second stage (and an optional third stage, 18mm or 13mm). With the vent holes (see pics), it’s two for two on air starting both second stage motors. I wish I was a better artist - the paint job and decals leave much to be desired.
  9. Jonathan 7

    NX Kuiper RLV B (Rocket Launch/Lift Vehicle) - Newbie Input

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and would love any input, comments, and/or suggestions for improving my Rocket (my first scratch build). It has multiple configurations, including lifting/launching a glider at apogee. I would love to make it cooler! It is a two stage Rocket with an optional third...
  10. TeslaPenguin1

    (SOLVED) Are there any plugged 18mm Motors?

    I am building a linear-3 cluster rocket. The two side engines are 18mm (A/B/C) but the center is a single 24mm (D/E) motor. I only want the ejection charge on the center motor to fire. Are there any 18mm motors without a delay charge? (I know that the -0 motors don't have a delay charge, but I...