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  1. ReynoldsSlumber

    Old tractors, new tractors: Flying Pitchfork, Cluster F, TetraJet

    Inspiration In the days of yore, when reading G. Harry Stine's Handbook of Model Rocketry, an image toward the end of the chapter on staging struck me: The wheels in my head started spinning and couldn't be stopped. Pitchfork I built an Estes BT-50-based tractor parallel-staged model...
  2. tg08

    Aerotech Clustering

    I'm planning on clustering 2 F Aerotech motors, does anyone have experience with this? The Firstfire's that are included say that they are not recommended for clustering motors.
  3. Joshua Smith

    Estes Saturn V, Quintuple Cluster, Staged

    I imagine someone has posed this idea before, and I know this would be a mess, but maybe a fun mess. I have an extra Estes Saturn V Skylab (main body tube is a bit squished), but the Skylab vs Apollo doesn't much matter here. What I want to do, because I can (try), is modify it to be a cluster...
  4. AstroAbaqus

    Happy to join the community!

    Hi to everyone, I think is more than 5 years since I do not write on a forum, probably even more and I am so happy to finally have returned to this much effective way of communication (rather than social media ). I am writing and launching from Scotland UK, however, I am an adopted Scotsman...
  5. BruceS

    Bruce's Scale Sputnik

    Ok, as teased before, I am answering a challenge to upscale my 4" Splatnik. This will be a scratch built 12" diameter (roughly 1/2 sized) model of Sputnik 1. 3 engine cluster, streamer recovery. I'm going to post as I go. Step 1: Gather the parts.
  6. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    9 Motor Cluster (with gimbaled center motor)

    Hi everyone! I have been developing a open source TVC system for model rocket. I then got a crazy Idea of clustering 9 motors. Of course I highly doubt I would attempt this anytime soon, But I was wondering if anyone ever clustered slow burn motors with normal motors. I made a rough CAD design...
  7. M

    Simulating parallel staging in a cluster (in OpenRocket).

    Silly thought, but one I had in the shower earlier today. Is there any way to simulate parallel staging in a cluster? Specifically, I'm thinking of a situation where you'd have several very large motors strapped together in a cluster, and then only certain sets (in symmetrical pairs) would be...
  8. boatgeek

    Drag Queen, a slightly off-kilter spool

    One more entry from Boatgeek's House of Ridiculous Rockets. I wanted to build an LPR spool, and heck, what says fun like clusters, right? So out of foamboard and 18mm body tube came this guy: Unfortunately, when I glued it up two years ago, it was a little off-kilter. The plates of the spool...
  9. M

    Estes Saturn V 2157 with 4x18mm and 1x24mm Cluster & Moldin' Oldies Parts. Started in late 2010. LOL

    So like a lot of other people who have the Saturn V they are looking to build/complete them for the up coming anniversary. And Estes has the newest re-release, which I might get and put in the closet where I had left this one. Me, well I think I got this kit in late 2010 (`DOH) and had started...
  10. Jonathan 7

    Three stages, second stage air-starts 18mm 2x Cluster w Parasite Glider

    This one has a D12-0 booster that air-starts a two 18mm motor second stage (and an optional third stage, 18mm or 13mm). With the vent holes (see pics), it’s two for two on air starting both second stage motors. I wish I was a better artist - the paint job and decals leave much to be desired.
  11. Jonathan 7

    NX Kuiper RLV B (Rocket Launch/Lift Vehicle) - Newbie Input

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and would love any input, comments, and/or suggestions for improving my Rocket (my first scratch build). It has multiple configurations, including lifting/launching a glider at apogee. I would love to make it cooler! It is a two stage Rocket with an optional third...
  12. TeslaPenguin1

    (SOLVED) Are there any plugged 18mm Motors?

    I am building a linear-3 cluster rocket. The two side engines are 18mm (A/B/C) but the center is a single 24mm (D/E) motor. I only want the ejection charge on the center motor to fire. Are there any 18mm motors without a delay charge? (I know that the -0 motors don't have a delay charge, but I...