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  1. CKaul04

    Upper LP Michigan Rocket Club Interest?

    Is there anyone who would be interested in starting a rocket club in the upper LP(lower Penisula). I live 2 hrs from every other club in MI. I have a bunch of equipment for launches!
  2. K'Tesh

    Oddball Club Badges... A Proposal

    UPDATED With new badges! I see these as "Merit/Demerit badges" for remembering the stories behind them... "Founder's Special" - Getting to meet any of the "Legends" of the Hobby. Points for autographs, and photos. Vern Estes, G. Harry Stine, Lee Piester, etc. "The Armstrong" - Getting to...
  3. P

    Rocketry clubs in the Kansas City area?

    I live in the Kansas City Kansas area. I currently fly some low power rockets and quite a bit of mid-power, but I would like to get my Junior HPR Level 1 with either the NAR or TRA (whichever has a club closest to me). I am not yet old enough to drive, so the limit of my search range is however...
  4. slohand

    I Live in Kingston

    I live in Kingston and will soon be losing my personal launch site once the farming operations begin again. I've joined CAR (#S 1435) and have been monitoring the Ottawa Rocketry Group on Facebook anxiously awaiting them to post a schedule. This would be my closest location that I know of...