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  1. M

    Jolly Logic Chute Placement

    I'm adding a JL chute release to a 4" Mad Cow DX3 and I'm wondering about where to attach the chute. My DX3 has an AVbay and forward section for future use, and I'll be using motor ejection. I've checked through the forums and came up with 2 main ideas. I want to start with using a drogue just...
  2. JimZNJ

    Chute Release back after nearly 2 years in a tree!

    In November 2017 I lost my Estes Pro Series II Nike Smoke and attached Chute Release over 50 feet up in a tree. I tried all sorts of methods to retrieve it, but to no avail. Two weeks ago while attending a club launch at the same site, a gentleman with the crew there to start setting up...