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  1. K'Tesh

    Estes (Astron) Cherokee-D: Through the years 1970-1983

    I've been doing some research on this, one of my favorite rockets, for quite a while. And I've compiled the information from the catalogs in which it appeared (1970-1983). Also included is some info from the instructions I've sourced. The Astron Cherokee-D was introduced in 1970, the year...
  2. K'Tesh

    Found Original Cherokee-D (K-47)(Two Piece Fin Construction) Instructions

    In a recent post on the subject of the Cherokee-D, rocketguy101 posted a .pdf of a Cherokee D fin pattern (with the image seen below) that is meant to be cut from balsa stock that is too narrow to have the fins made from a single piece of balsa. I've never seen any instructions that mention...
  3. barn

    Downsize Carded Cherokee D Plans Wanted

    I would like to build the Carded Downsize Cherokee that hcmbanjo built ( He stated that "Greg Poehlien had done the work on this one' and gave a link to the pdf on the TRF archive...