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  1. PeterP

    LOC 4" Black Brant X L1 Cert Build

    Hey all, this will be my first post on TRF! I decided I wanted to go for my HPR certifications after building rockets with my school’s rocketry program this past semester. So, I bought myself a LOC 4” Black Brant X to certify L1 and L2 with. I figured going with the biggest kit I could find...
  2. N

    Hybrid motor regulations

    Hi, I'm wondering if hybrid motors within the low to mid power range need to be certified? I live in Canada and I'm trying to build a mid power hybrid rocket.
  3. Gary Mac

    Loki M-1378 for L3 Cert Flight

    Any reasons why I shouldn't be looking at using a Loki M-1378 for my L3 cert flight? I understand it's a relatively new motor with a very high L/D ratio, so I'd enjoy hearing other's feedback on it. I like that's it's a relatively small impulse/high thrust design and also, after the L3 cert is...
  4. markkoelsch

    3 New Aerotech motor certifications and motor files

    Hello, TMT has tested and certified the 3 Aerotech motors. They are two 29mm Super Thunder end burners- the G11 and G12. Also tested was the J520, which is now certified for delay use versus its previously plugged forward closure only configuration. Complete Aerotech motor files can be...