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  1. GaryT

    Found WANTED! 75/3840 Motor Compete:

    Anyone have an Aerotech, Dr. Rockets, Rouse-tech, Monster Motor Works 75/3840 Motor compete with Forward and Aft Closures and seal disk? let me know if you have one in great shape. Thanks Gary T.
  2. dvdsnyd

    Sold Aerotech / Dr. Rockets 54/1706 Complete motor hardware

    I have a Dr. Rockets 54/1706 Complete Motor hardware set available. - Case - Fwd Closure - Rear Closure - Seal Disk Everything in Fantastic condition, minus a nick on the Fwd Closure. Blemish does not affect assembly of the motor in any way, and does not appear inside the smoke well of the...
  3. GaryT

    Sold CTI Pro98 6G Case Gen2

    CTI Pro98 6G Case Gen2 For sale: Mint Condition, Shipping ONLY Within the US ***FREE SHIPPING!*** Email me at [email protected] 250.00
  4. Tbmx3

    Found AT 38 cases!

    I'm looking for a AT 38/120 and or 38/360 case only, if any one has a spare they could possibly sell? Thanks
  5. Gary Mac

    Found WTB Loki 54/4000 Motor Case

    I'm looking to buy a Loki 54/4000 motor case. I'm mainly using it as an assembly jig/fit check while I'm building the airframe for now (I'm trying to "perfectly" align two separate 54mm motor mount tube sections in the middle of a larger airframe). I don't necessarily need a grain to go with...