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  1. Jon Dubrick

    Carbon fiber tubes

    Working on plans for min diameter 98mm vehicle. What ID does the tube need to be to catch the aft closure? Motor casing on forward end will be screwed in. Thanks
  2. sinclag

    Carbon Fibre Centering Rings and Bulkheads

    BlackCat Rocketry is delighted to offer Carbon Fibre Centering Rings and Bulkheads to its line of composite components. We use 3mm thick carbon fibre plate. The result is a set of parts that are virtually indestructible. Perfect for those extreme projects Visit our site to see our growing...
  3. sinclag

    Carbon Fibre Airframe and Coupler Bulkheads

    For a high performance rocket you want high performance parts. Introducing Carbon Fibre Bulkheads from BlackCat Rocketry. Offered in sizes from 3",4",5.5" (fits Loc tubing),6",7.5" (soon) airframes and couplers. https://www.blackcatrocketry.co.uk/collections/new/products/carbon-fiber-bulkheads