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  1. Jon Dubrick

    Carbon fiber tubes

    Working on plans for min diameter 98mm vehicle. What ID does the tube need to be to catch the aft closure? Motor casing on forward end will be screwed in. Thanks
  2. J

    Painting CF, FG, and ABS Airframe

    Hi all, I've never done a spray paint job with any sort of precision before, so I hope you'll excuse that I don't know a lot. I just want to be as informed as possible to do as close to perfect a job as I can. My team has a 12ft long rocket with a 7.78" diameter fore section that transitions to...
  3. M

    Help IDing CF vs Fiberglass?

    The other day, I was generously donated some spare 4" body tubes (and one coupler) for building an L1/L2 bird. However, I'm not entirely sure what they're made of, and because they're black, they don't photograph too well. Things I know: They're from Madcow Rocketry. They're 60" long and 4"...
  4. 136472 makemake

    CF airframe + alu skin on a supersonic rocket?

    Hey everyone! First poster here. I'm an absolute newbie to this subject who just learned about it a few days ago, so have mercy on me if I'm wildly off the mark here with my question: In the search for a lighter rocket, has anyone built a supersonic rocket which has a carbon fiber skeletal...
  5. mpitfield

    Composite curing DIY oven

    I am looking to expand my carbon fiber experience with prepreg and or post curing of composite components and sub assemblies. Specifically I am looking to try rolling tubes, creating plate, and creating fincan assemblies. However as some of you know this requires an oven that can be reasonably...
  6. lowga

    Carbon Fiber Newbie Questions

    I've attempted in vain to research the answers I'm seeking on this forum, Google searches, etc. So here goes nothing. Pardon the newbie questions. I'm attempting to build my first ever rocket with a carbon fiber airframe. The desire isn't based on flight profile, but rather aesthetic reasons...
  7. VARocketflyer

    SOLD Carbon Fiber Mongoose 38 Kit - NIB - Free Shipping

    I have an NIB Carbon Fiber Mongoose 38mm for sale. Can be yours for $199.00 with Free Shipping to Lower 48. Lists for $262.95 on the Madcow site, but currently Out of Stock. PayPal only please. Specs are below: Product Description Kit includes: 38mm Black Fiberglass Filament Wound 5:1 Von...
  8. Mustang67

    Rocksim file for Madcow Mongoose Carbon fiber 4" 98MM

    Does anyone have a rocksim file they can share for the Madcow 4" 98MM Carbon fiber Mongoose?