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  1. garlicsnapper

    CAR/ACF Earthrise Volume 13, Issue 1 – February 2024 — fresh off the press!

    Current Issue Volume 13, Issue 1 – February 2024 Earthrise_Vol_13_Issue_1.pdf In this issue / Dans ce numéro: Rage at the Gage 2023 STARFOX Top Flight: The Churchill Rocket Range/Vol d'Altitude: La Base de Lancement de Fusées de Churchill Next Gen Aerospace Engineers… and Astronauts/La...
  2. garlicsnapper

    Sullivan Lake XXVIII (2021)

    Hey! Who's all planning on coming out to Sullivan Lake this year? What are you bringing to fly? I'm planning on bringing out my entire high-power collection of course, including a fiberglass rocket that I call Higher Calling. She hasn't flown since Rock Lake 21 (2019). Once again, I plan on...