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    2020 Camden Launch Schedule

    2020 Launch Schedule January 11-12. ROSCO February 8-9. ICBM – College Outreach Launch. Rain Date February 15-16 March 7-8. ROSCO April 18-19 ICBM – Moved because of Easter May 23-25 ICBM – Research all 3 days. June 13-14 ROSCO - Canncelled July 11-12 ICBM - Cencelled August 8-9 ROSCO -...
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    Camden, SC ICBM/ROSCO 2019 Launch Schedule

    2019 Launch Schedule: We have made some significant changes to this year's schedule. Notice that Freedom Launch is May 25-27 but we are still having a 3-day launch on Labor Day weekend. All dates are subject to change or cancellation. Please check before coming to the field. March 9-10 — ROSCO...