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  1. brothersquint

    Roket Card Glue

    Came across Rocket Card Glue in my local hobby shop. YouTube videos make it look like a miracle-worker. Anybody out there actually use it? How did it work for you?
  2. Co-leader of the LRP

    Build Thread - Mark 4 Square from New Way Space Models

    I got a mark 4 square rocket recently, and just started building it. I decided to crease a build thread, because why not. Also, is New Way even in business anymore? Their website seems to have been partially down and not updated for several years, and almost anywhere I can find is out of their...
  3. Blast it Tom!

    New guy getting back in slowly

    Hi all! <waves> Soooo - I was 13 when Niel Armstrong took that historic 1st step. Had all the models, simulated every stage of the flight. 1st rocket - Estes WAC Corporal. Oh, so careful! Dad & I took it out one vary calm night, leveled the launch pad, and off she went! Perfect! Straight...
  4. Co-leader of the LRP

    Building a Quest Astra 1 - Anything I Should Know?

    I got an Astra 1 rocket (by Quest) for Christmas, and I just started building it today. I noticed that the motor mount tube seems a tad flimsy, so I put a used motor in it for during-assembly reinforcement. Does anyone else have anything I should know about it?
  5. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    What is your go to Rocketry Project Tape

    Just another fun question to ask the community. It seems we all have our go to tape of choice when building rockets. Here are a few I see used on rockets, what are yours? Mine is Blue painters tape Masking tape BLUE painterd tape Gorilla Tape Duck Tape Electrical tape Gaff tape What else...
  6. W

    US Composites Epoxy

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on US Composite's epoxy for my Wildman Punisher 3 build. Mainly, I just want to know which resin and hardener I should get for fin fillets. The medium hardener seems to be the one recommended by US Composites, but then should I use the thick...