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  1. Voyhager3

    Gauging Interest in Edmonds Gliders

    Rocket gliders guys and gals are a pretty niche group of people (that's why I posted it here to reach a larger audience), and I’m proud to be one of them. And as I’ve been flying (and sadly exploding) my gliders after I recently acquired some OOP Edmonds stuff, I notice a bunch of people asking...
  2. Michael Mruzek

    Vintage Boost Gliders: Identification Help

    Hello, I am a new member. I recently purchased a lot of vintage model rockets on EBAY which contains 3 really interesting boost gliders. I have not been able to identify two of the boost gliders. The rocket on the far right is an Estes Falcon. Can anyone identify the other two? I am hoping to...
  3. Jonathan 7

    NX Kuiper RLV B (Rocket Launch/Lift Vehicle) - Newbie Input

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and would love any input, comments, and/or suggestions for improving my Rocket (my first scratch build). It has multiple configurations, including lifting/launching a glider at apogee. I would love to make it cooler! It is a two stage Rocket with an optional third...
  4. Rktman

    RumbleBee-C Build

    Gotta admit I was kind of intrigued with the idea of a BG that used a Vector Pod (angled up) to get the glider to boost straight, and I was looking for a larger, sturdy 18mm flier after building primarily 13mm models. So I decided to give the RumbleBee-C a try, especially since it’s a 4X...