1. Tobor

    2.64" Madcow Bomarc

    This will be a somewhat detailed build thread of my Madcow 2.64" Bomarc, with lots of photos :). I purchased it from Madcow during their 20' Black Friday sale, with the help of a $40 gift certificate I received from my 2019 Secret Santa. TY SS :). Note that I deviated significantly from...
  2. Anthony Bean

    3D Printing Madcow Bomarc Ramjet Intake and Exhaust Nozzles

    Hey all, Started working on a Bomarc rocket from Madcow and was just not impressed with balsa intake on the ramjets so I took an hour and designed the appropriate intake and exhaust nozzles for the tubes. It's close looking to the actual ramjets considering the tubes you have to work with, but...
  3. Wally Ferrer

    My Madcow 2.6 Bomarc build thread

    I've been wanting to do a build thread, if for no reason other than to better document my build process. Any feedback for improvements I get will be icing on the cake. I happened to be in Colorado Springs last year on my trip to launch rockets for my niece in Oklahoma who has CP (sorry, not her...
  4. J

    Vintage Estes and Centuri Kits

    Howdy gents, I just listed some very interesting and rare old birds to my Ebay. Please have look if you're interested. Estes Bomarc Centuri E.S.S. Raven (Super Kit) Centuri V2 1/40th scale...