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  1. The_Quacken

    Blackhawk 29

    Not a full build but I wanted to show off this since it’s my first real fiberglass high power (Altho it’s sorta sitting on the very edge of high and mid power) it’s a wildman Blackhawk 29 and hopefully I can get a flight on her at the next score launch. First flight will probably be mid power...
  2. RocketRoll

    Beveling/airfoiling required for supersonic flight?

    Looking to start on a Wildman Blackhawk 29 and aiming for ~900 mph maximum velocity. I've beveled/airfoiled my fins in the past for flights at this speed, but it's a pain to do by hand and it's always tough to get consistent results. Out of curiosity, I simmed different fin cross-sections in...