1. hotwings

    MAC Performance 6" Blackfly Build

    Following up on my last build of the 4" Blackfly from Mike, I've just started a 6" Build. I'm building this with a no-expense-spared attitude, and my aim is to methodically hone in my build skills, and at the end, have a durable airframe I can fly lots... Well, that is the plan! Let's see how it...
  2. hotwings

    MAC Performance 4" Blackfly Build - TRA Level 1 Attempt

    Hello!! New member to the forum. Getting back into rocketry after a long hiatus with a Level 1 Cert Attempt. My goal date is a certification attempt on December 19th (contingent on weather, building, etc.) , with a 1G 54mm CTI I218. I chose to build a MAC Performance 4" Blackfly, with the...
  3. mpitfield

    MAC - BlackFly

    Welcome to the MAC BlackFly Gallery. This gallery showcases the MAC BlackFly and those rockets derived from it. Particularly appropriate in this thread are the following: MAC: BlackFly 54mm MAC: BlackFly 3" MAC: BlackFly 4" MAC: BlackFly 6" as well as any upscales, downscales, clones...