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  1. sinclag

    New Hobby Parachute Line

    BlackCat Rocketry is delighted to announce the creation of a new line of hobby rocketry parachutes. Made from 1.1oz ripstop nylon Printed in 3 colour patterns sizes 10" and 12" diameter mil-spec paracord Perfect fore those small rockets where weight and airframe space are limited...
  2. sinclag

    BlackCat Chutes - UltraLight 36" Semi-Elliptical Parachute

    Now you can get our 36" 12-panel Semi-Elliptical parachutes in our 1.1oz ultralight weight fabric. For those instant open requirements.
  3. sinclag

    The Gift of Rockets

    The difficult gifting of rocketry goods is now easier than ever. BlackCat Rocketry Gift Cards are now available in 3 denomination @£50,£100,£200. Get yours here -->
  4. sinclag

    UFO Kit for those small fields and parks.

    Ever wanted to just launch a rocket without any fuss at a small field or park near you ? BlackCat Rocketry introduces the FooFighta kit. No Parachute, simple tumble recovery. Produced in 24 and 38mm motor variants. Have a look at our video's of the launches of each size...