black powder

  1. B

    Question about igniting backup B.P. charges

    Hey all, I had a quick question, So I am intending to have a backup black powder charge for the drogue and main parachute deployments. I have two altimeters that I am going to use. The first question is: I was going to have the main altimeter (an RRC3) fire the main charges. Then have the...
  2. RalPh8

    Low power dual deploy

    I know it's been done before. I also know it's not ideal due to lack of body tube thickness. That said, is there a descent kit or at least one that is more recommendable than the others for low power dual deploy? Looking to use C or D. Not using JLCR. I only wanna use black powder. I...
  3. R

    Sold MagLoc Type 3 Day Box

    ATF approved (HA! Not that it matters anymore) Type 3 Day Box with ATF approved 6 tumbler 3/8" shank lock with two keys and carrying handles. We aren't required to use these anymore of course but they are still nice to have from a safety perspective. However, also can serve for some great...
  4. Zeke Johnson

    Ebay with Metal Bulk Plates - Wildman

    I received an electronics bay from Wildman Rocketry. It is a very basic kit, 1 32mm fiberglass coupler and two bulk plates (See Pictures). I have never worked with metal bulk plates before. I was wondering if I could get some ideas on how to pass the electrical signal from my altimeter inside...
  5. Jacob Ritzke

    Old Quest BP motors

    I recently purchased a dozen or so different Quest BP motors (b6-2 b6-4 a6-4 c6-3 and a D5-0p) from a vendor who had some leftover stock. I figured I would test some to see how they held up after siting in a box for a few years. Today I flew three a6-4's in an Estes Alpha VI, the 60th...
  6. ArchitectOfSeven

    Ideal pyrodex charge?

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up some pyrodex ejection charges in 2ml centrifuge vials and want to know how well I should try to contain the powder. With the vial completely full (~1.8g), and sealed with quite a bit of masking tape it went off with a sound a lot like a gunshot in a preliminary...