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  1. Buddy Michaelson

    Rocketman Parachutes Massive Black Friday Sale!!

    Happy Black Friday everyone!! Don’t forget our massive sale going on with 20% off our entire website with Free Shipping in the USA! This includes hundreds of recovery products with all of our parachutes, deployment bags, harnesses and hardware on sale. Our popular rocket kits such as the GoFast...
  2. jsargevt

    xx Sirius Rocketry Saturn V *no longer available*

    Edit: while taking pictures of the parts my wife and son asked me what I was doing and my wife convinced me to keep it and build it. Eventually. Apologies to all of you who were interested. Thinking of an epic winter build for 2020? Miss out on the Saturn V releases earlier in the year...
  3. cerving

    The Famous Eggtimer Rocketry Holiday Sale - 2019

    It's that time of the year again, when Eggtimer fans of the past, present, and future take advantage of the joy of the holidays and save big bucks (which can be used to buy motors or "that" kit that you've been pining for). Since we don't like being haunted by spirits at 4:00 am in order to...