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  1. Swany

    Sold BRB900 GPS, Raven Altimeter, and DT3U

    I'm doing a little spring cleaning and have these used electronic items for sale: SOLD Big Red Bee 900 GPS Transmitter, LCD Receiver, 2 Battery Charge Interface Boards, and USB Cable (flown approx 6 times): $250.00 SOLD SOLD Raven 3 Altimeter, Power Perch, 2 LiPo 130mah Batteries, and a...
  2. jddj

    Sold Big Red Bee 70cm pkg

    Selling a Big Red Bee Beeline 70cm UHF transmitter + battery + SMA + charger/programmer package: The package from BigRedBee, including the 70cm TX, an SMA connector and straight antenna, LiPo battery and charger/programmer goes for $97 retail, at this writing. Throwing in a couple right-size...