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  1. W

    Rocketry in Austria

    Hi, it's my first time posting something here or generally using a forum so I'm sorry If I made my thread wrong in anyway or an answer to this question has already been posted. Now to my question, are there any rocketry clubs or organisations in Austria? Or at least do you know any rules or...
  2. briewillcox

    I500 L1 (name TBD)

    I kind of live by the idea of sending it way too hard and hoping it works out, so I figured I'd go for my L1 as my first rocket and first flight, with an I500. The rocket is all 54mm cardboard LOC tube and a plastic nosecone. It'll be carrying an Eggtimer Quantum and an Eggtimer TX. I'm gonna...
  3. R

    Rocketry Research Project - Q&A

    My name is Robert Kammermann and I am a Year 11 Student at Navigator College in Port Lincoln, Australia. As part of my Year 11, I am doing a Research Project on, "How is a High-Performance Model Rocket Built?”. Before I start my own build, I am interested in collecting Qualitative data from...
  4. P

    Why My Rocket Wont Reach Rocksim Projected Altitude

    I designed a rocket and put it into Rocksim, I'm using the F35W-5 motor for this rocket. It is 31.5in with a 3 in diameter and weighs 665g fully loaded with the motor and the payload. When I let Rocksim calculate the Cd it simulates the rocket going 887.25ft. However, when I actually launched...
  5. M

    Apogee Maker's Dozen build/review

    Hi everybody, A quick background to this build; as covid regulations fluctuated in my state I invited sister and nieces to a small park for a launch day. She made the comment of doing a space camp with the kids since at this point they have no summer camps, and hopefully in the fall we can have...
  6. J

    Go Devil 54 for L1/L2 cert questions

    So I recently bought the Go Devil 54 kit for my L1/L2 certification. My university rocketry club is helping guide me through how to build it, however they've never built a minimum diameter(md) rocket kit and this is the first rocket I've ever gotten. I've researched motor mounting on md rockets...
  7. F

    TARC Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm leading a TARC team for the first time this year and I had a few questions. 1. We are using OpenRocket to model the rocket and everything looks fine but the flight time looks a little unrealistic. We are using two body tubes and the weight of the rocket is around 300g right...
  8. A

    OpenRocket tips?

    I'm fairly new to rocketry, and my professor wanted us to first simulate the model rocket apogee on OpenRocket, then use an altimeter to check the actual apogee and compare the two. This was so we could use OpenRocket to design a higher power rocket in the future. But on some occasions, the...
  9. E

    Openrocket Export Data Error

    Hi, There is two stages for my rocket in openrocket. When i try to plot the data of stability margin calibers I got the "Unknown Bug" message screen. But I get an error for only one stage while exporting data. Is there any solution?
  10. Justin M Weber

    General questions about public launches, equipment provided/needed

    I want to do a family rocket fly around christmas at the SARA(south tucson az) location. What equipment is provided? Do I need my own stand, igniter and engines? What about rocket tracking, do you wait unit others are done firing rockets before attempting to recover rockets?