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  1. M

    Lego 'Mars' rovers and battery power questions

    Yesterday I came across a used lego Mindstorms NXT and with all the mars rover Perseverance landing hype today decided to jump on it. My dad is coming over later to watch the live stream with my son and I while we rover up in the living room. However the one I got did not come with the...
  2. AOSbermunda

    Can the Estes E-class launch controller run 12V?

    I got my first RMS from Aerotech, and am curious if I could just hook up a 12V car battery to the Estes E-series launch controller (This One) and use that, or is the gauge of the wire too small such that the resistance would be too high? I'm not very knowledgeable in electronics, and I don't...
  3. B

    9V battery to light model rocket

    Hey everyone! I am new to model rockets and I was building my own launch controller, my issue is that when I hit the button to launch the rocket the igniter slowly smokes but never launches the rocket. is a 9V not enough for the low power rocket igniters? If not, what small batteries would...
  4. N

    Nichrome ignition circuit

    I am trying to create an ignition system to launch a rocket from a weather balloon, so I need a system that is reliable, lightweight, controlled remotely (via an arduino relay), and can operate down to at least 0ºC. I can (barely) get a piece of 36g Nichrome 80 wire to glow red-hot by shorting...