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  1. Cameron Anderson

    Found AIM XTRA 2.0 and BASE

    Looking for second set for a two stage project; I'm looking for the altimeter, base, and all antennas.
  2. Cameron Anderson

    Found AIM XTRA 2.0 Base

    I'm looking for an Entacore AIM XTRA 2.0 base with associated antenna and USB cable.
  3. J

    Aim Xtra/Base is using cesium but I want Google Earth

    Hello, I am very new to this and am trying to set up an Aim Xtra flight computer. I have connected both the Aim Base and the Aim Xtra to my computer, have all of the right software, have put them on the same channel, and yet still the Base doesn't know anything about the Xtra. The Xtra says its...