av bay

  1. T

    Orientation of the ejection charge for apogee deployment

    Hello fellow rocketeers, hope you are doing great. I was thinking about fitting my Eggtimer Apogee in the nose cone but then I realized the ejection charge should be oriented downwards, right? Then it would fire and push the parachute and the rest of the body downwards, and depending on how...
  2. TimothyAReed

    LOC Precision AMRAAM AIM 120C Build Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to document the building of a LOC Precision AMRAAM AIM 120C kit for my Level Two High Power Certification. There does not seem to be a build thread of this rocket already on the forum; I hope to fill that knowledge gap. All input/tips/tricks regarding this build are...
  3. tOD

    SMTDesigns AVBays

    Anyone who has built one of Steve's bays I would appreciate if you would share some pictures of you finished project. I'm in the middle of building a redundant bay and could use some ideas. There's an Eggtimer Quantum as the primary and an Eggtimer Quark as the secondary. Two Vernon 2C LiPo's...
  4. K'Tesh

    Small, 38MM Minimum Diameter AV Bay

    I'm looking to make an AV Bay that would fit inside of a tube coupler for a 38 MM body tube (~5" long), with a redundant system, but space is limited. Am I dreaming? Can just such a system safely fit in that small of a space (including batteries)? Pictures greatly welcomed. Just to be clear...
  5. kramer714

    3D Printing 98 mm av bay.

    3d printed av bay - 98 mm dual perfectflite. STATS - Printer - Printed on Panowin F1 Material - PETG (Matterhackers) Temps - nozzle 247C bed 70C Attachements - holes molded in place - tapped to #2 and #4 without inserts. Note these are machine threads not wood threads. The Av bay works by...
  6. K'Tesh

    Nosecone AV Bays... Pros & Cons

    I'm building three 4" diameter Binder Design kits, including an Excel Dual Deploy... However, I'm looking to build it with a baffle located at the normal AV bay location, and I want a redundancy for the ejection charge. This poses a problem... If the baffle occupies the space that the AV bay...