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  1. SuperNova-Rocketry

    OpenRocket OBJ Files is glitched (too large)

    So I exported this part as a OBJ in Openrocket When I opened the file in Autodesk inventor is is 1200cm long as shown here: IS this a glitch with autodesk or openrocket? If its with autodesk it might be harded to solve as this thread wont be able to help with that. I really want to get this...
  2. opcon

    CAD Software Modeling boat tail - Inventor 2020

    Greetings! I'm trying to model the boat tail of the MAC Performance FireStickXL - 3" dia. rocket and I've hit a wall. After researching and some trial and error (/cough manual searching in the 'data') in Excel I figured out how to calculate the Ogive radius thanks to this website but I'm still...