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  1. Johann

    complete rocket flight controller code

    Hello, I've written a rocket flight controller code in the Arduino IDE and would appreciate suggestions to improve it and make it more realistic.
  2. J

    RFM95W transceiver convert packet to variables

    I'm working on a radio-based rocket tracking ground camera, and have RFM95W transceivers for communication. I'm wanting to send multiple pieces of data (a time tag and 3d acceleration) in a single packet to reduce transmission losses, and I've gotten the Arduino code for simple transmit/receive...
  3. Eric Nantel - DiaLFonZo

    DiaLFonZo - Arduino Launch Controller

    Hi All, This is an on-going project that do not have a clear finish date. Most of it is think through aside the connections for the Battery & Ignitor extension. (most probably banana plugs) Not being a programmer myself, here is a few iteration of the firmware... Some milling of the...
  4. C

    Arduino Radio Transceiver

    Hi, I am wanting to transmit GPS coordinates and altitude from an Arduino onboard a model rocket that will go 1km high, to another Arduino on the ground. The purpose is just to assist in finding the rocket once it lands. I was needing something cheap but also not too large (about 3-4cm). I was...
  5. D

    Control oxygen flow hybrid rocket engine

    Hi all, I built a small hybrid rocket engine and I would like to control the arrival of oxygen in the engine with an arduino card. What do you advise me: a solenoid valve? A valve with a servo motor? If possible, could you specify a model? It's been a while that I'm looking for without finding...
  6. Nikhil Mishra

    Arduino Altimeter - BMP280 inBuilt Noise Filtering Settings

    Hello! I am building an Arduino Altimeter with BMP280. Fortunately for BMP280, it has an in Built IIR Filter. But the problem is am not sure how to change the settings for rocket specific application. The Parameters are: Oversampling Setting IIR Filter (Ratio) set standby time...
  7. K

    Help Plz. Arduino to calc rate of descent.

    I have a Nano, a Neo-6 GPS, an SD card, and BME-280. I'm wanting to measure rate of descent of different parachute designs I'm working on. What would be the calculations of the data gathered by the BME-080 (for altitude changes). Could I use the GPS for the rtc to timestamp each data...