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  1. N

    ARC rocket significantly "wobbling" off the launch rail

    The rocket has "wobbled" in nearly every launch we have done (3 more besides the ones below), but the level to which this happens varies a lot between launches, creating a lot of inconsistency between launches. Do you know what could be causing this? Video 1: Video 2: The rocket is...
  2. KennB

    ARC & NRC Launch - CMASS - Acton, MA - 07 April 2024

    CMASS will be holding the first of three scheduled ARC launches at the School Street Field in Acton on 09 March. The intention of these events is to give local ARC teams the opportunity to make practice and qualifying launches with the required NAR oversight for the qualifying flights. If your...
  3. S

    24mm vs 29mm motor choice

    Hi everyone, we are new students that are new to rocketry but attempting the American Rocketry Challenge. We've designed our rocket but can't decide on the size on our engine mount. We've simulated the rocket design but everyone says you can't trust it until you fly it and adjust the drag in...
  4. T

    What tool to make altimeter holes-ARC rockets?

    I am an instructor for several ARC teams and we really need to reduce our variability in max altitude. As I am learning more details about altimeters the recommended hole size is 0.02" or about 0.5mm. We had been just punching 4 holes with an awl equally spaced around the tube about 3-5mm in...