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  1. Dougla2

    Zephyr build by newbie BAR

    Thanks to the people who posted their builds, I was able to get going finally. I may be able to contribute a couple ideas from my amateur-ish process. This started when I found a box of Estes parts in the garage from 20 years ago. While putting the old kits together, found a couple new ones...
  2. K'Tesh

    Wanted Info about the Apogee Zephyr

    I've been asked about the Apogee Zephyr, and I'm very interested in the kit (once I get the cash, I'm hoping to pick one up too). Sure, I've seen their .rkt file, but I seem to remember there are slots cut into the fins... This .ork file (derived from Apogee's .rkt file) just doesn't give it...