apogee components

  1. RocketRoll

    Apogee Aspire Supersonic Video

    I put together a video of my third and final attempt to launch a supersonic Apogee Aspire. I guess transonic is *technically* the most accurate description but supersonic has a better ring to it! I lost the rocket in tall grass, and therefore lost the altimeter, but I found I could do a lot...
  2. TheHulk

    What happened to apogee’s website??

    Anyone else having problems getting apogee’s website to work? I’ve tried everything and it’s just a blank white page that has a small error message saying file not found.
  3. hambirm2018

    Honest John

    Built this guy.
  4. AfterBurners

    Apogee Rocket - Shipping Costs explained - Makes sense

    So now I know why the costs to ship is so high. Great video and worth watching and well explained https://www.apogeerockets.com/Shipping-Fees-Explained who can argue that Apogee is a fine company and has a very detailed website and well designed. The video is a good explanation why the costs...