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    Swedish laws on amateur rocketry

    I would like to build and launch my own small model rocket in Sweden, but i want to do it in a safe and legal way. My questions are as followed: Do i need a licence to build and launch a rocket that could reach around 100m-200m? Do i need permission or licence from somewhere to build and own my...
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    Long Burning (7+ sec) PVC Solid rocket motor, around 8-12N thrust?

    Hi, I'm working on a project, to make a self landing hobby rocket, but with a solid rocket motor. I would like it to be a slow burnin one preferably with a stable thrust througout the burn time of it. I want to be able to make it at home (obviously I would order ingreedients), so that I can...
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    My first APCP rocket flight

    After years of making and flying sugar motors I managed to acquire ingredients for AP propellants and I also built a vacuum mixer. I started with small test motors and I was soon able to develop a 100mm diameter motor with 20kNs total impulse. This Saturday I made a first flight with this motor...