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    Sold 98mm hardware and 38mm reloads

    Hey folks, I am scaling down a tad, keeping everything except 98mm stuff and two reloads that I won't use. I have: 98mm Loki hardware consisting of: 98mm Nozzle carrier .688 throat graphite nozzle for carrier (for the 2 grain 5kns case) fired 3 times Full diameter graphite nozzle, 1 inch...
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    Sold 6" Blackbird II Rocket for sale

    Hey guys, I have this gorgeous 6" rocket for sale. It was a prototype when I first came out with Blue Tube as a proof of concept, and ended up being an upscale version of the "Basic Blues" series of rockets when I started Always Ready Rocketry back in the day (except it has a conical...
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    Sold 7.5" AMRAAM for sale

    Hey guys, long time no post. I'm cleaning house of things that I'm most likely never going to fly again so I can buy things that I can fly and crash. :) I have a phenolic 7.5" full scale amaraam for sale with 98mm motor mount. Been flown 3 times in 20 years. This was an original Bill Rossi...