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  1. dvdsnyd

    Eggtimer altimeters for Tripoli altitude record attempt

    Hi all, I've got something cooking for an altitude record attempt for Tripoli. Looking into approved altimeters, I came across the following: 2.0 Rules and procedures 2.0.1 Flights less than 30,000 feet MSL: TRA flyers may use any commercially manufactured, barometer based altimeter for their...
  2. P

    Why My Rocket Wont Reach Rocksim Projected Altitude

    I designed a rocket and put it into Rocksim, I'm using the F35W-5 motor for this rocket. It is 31.5in with a 3 in diameter and weighs 665g fully loaded with the motor and the payload. When I let Rocksim calculate the Cd it simulates the rocket going 887.25ft. However, when I actually launched...
  3. RocketEnthusiast101

    Whats the altitude achieved by each type of motor?

    Hi. After searching on google regarding this topic, I did find calculations regarding the altitude achieved by rockets but I couldn't find an exact link related to this topic. I do know that there are several factors influencing the altitude gained by the rockets. But, I just want a rough idea...
  4. H

    Single stage reaches higher altitude than multistage

    The two files below are a couple of designs I made in Open Rocket. What I don't quite understand, is that the single stage version reaches a higher altitude than the two stage version. I understand that the two stage version has extra drag due to the additional set of fins to maintain stability...
  5. L

    How to determine altitude where altimeters fail?

    So above the majority of the atmosphere, altimeters that use barometric pressure fail, so barring regulation GPS modules, that generally don't work on extremely high altitude flights, how do you determine the altitude of your flights?
  6. M

    Why are university HPR teams having such difficulty with airstarts?

    Something I've been thinking about over the last couple days. As someone who is part of a university team myself, that had an upper stage ignition failure due to a faulty AV bay, this is a question that is near and dear to my heart. A lot of university teams, particularly those aiming to do a...