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  1. C

    Sold RRC3 & Pull Pin Switch & Extras

    *Pending* I decided just to stick with my JLCR for the time being, so here are a few items I had been gathering up for a dual deploy setup. All are brand new. The RRC3 was briefly mounted to a sled with 4 of the standoffs but nothing was ever connected or powered. *Missileworks RRC3...
  2. ExoResearch

    Air Speed Indicator on Model Rocket

    I just posted a video explaining how I added an airspeed indicator to my rocket build, and explained some of the science behind it. The sensor itself is not built to record airspeed, so I had to do some physics to get it to become an airspeed sensor Video Link:
  3. M

    Need advice on what to get/how to put together an electronics bay

    I want to go to the next step and add electronics to my rocket. I don't know where to begin is there any good step by step tutorials that could walk me through the process. Thanks in advance