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  1. M

    Model Rocket Survey

    Hi guys, I am a highschool senior in an engineering program. We are in need of some information for our capstone project about model rocket electronics. If you could please fill out this survey we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. iloveart

    Entacore Offline?

    Has anyone else been having trouble with Entacore’s website? I’ve been trying to get there to download their AIM software for my altimeter but each time I’ve gone on for the past couple days the site has been down. I’ve tried it on multiple devices as well. It worked a couple weeks ago when one...
  3. FMarvinS

    Found Altimeter(s)

    If you have a Perfect flite Stratologger CF or a Missile Works RRC3 or RRC2+ in good working condition and would like to sell it (or them), please send a PM with the model and asking price. Thanks! Fred A Perfect flite stratologger CF has been acquired and is in the mail (thanks CJ)!