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  1. E

    What happened to Altimeter Three??

    Hello, For the last two years, myself and a group of people from my high school have been working on an experimental rocket and were using altimeter three because of the easy to use interface (and relative small size). We lost ours during our last launch and need a new one to continue the...
  2. Culprit

    Gorilla Glue "Snot Rocket"

    My Gorilla Glue "Snot Rocket" recently made its first flight! The idea was simple - I was changing a caulk tube in my caulk gun one day and thought the business end looked like a ram-jet. From that moment, I knew I had to see one fly. I headed to Lowe's looking for a tube that had a screw...
  3. Brian-Tampa

    Altimeter vent holes

    About halfway finished with my new EZI-65 build. I am going to utilize a Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 for this rocket. Any ideas for vent hole sizes in the main air frame and how many? Also, my friend suggested rather than use air frame vent holes why not drill small holes in all 3 centering rings...
  4. JoeTekcor

    JL Alitimeter 3 data question

    I recently picked up an Altimeter 3 and used it last weekend to help my son with a science fair project. We launched a rocket several times and recorded the details. His project focused on varying the length of the rocket and seeing the affect on the altitude. It was a small rocket and he used...