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  1. PeterP

    Favor needed for SEARS Launch

    Hey all! I have a big favor to ask of anyone attending the SEARS launch tomorrow, Saturday, April 13. We are a SEDS chapter from Tennessee Tech and are building a rocket for IREC this summer. Tomorrow is our scheduled test launch with SEARS in Samson, AL. However, we just realized the 98mm motor...
  2. Forever_Metal

    EVENT HARA Monthly Launches

    Hello ALL! Below is our flight schedule for fall/winter 2018! Many Thanks to the Herefords for allowing us the opportunity to fly! Please see our website for the latest updates, flight status, and directions to the field! 13 October 10 November 08 December 12 January 09 February 09 March If...
  3. jahall4

    EVENT Bama Blastoff 2018 Inaugural Launch

    Soon to be Dixie's premier amature rocket event! 2000 acres of primary recovery area (completely open); 12,000 acres of secondary recovery area; and a 16.8K ft waiver. For event details and accommodations visit: