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  1. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - Tripoli Las Vega Octoberfest, Jean, NV

    My first launch since pandemic started, last flew at Tripoli San Diego HOVOC launch in March, 2020. Hopefully, spring will bring new regional launches. Good to be back at Jean Dry Lake. Near perfect weather. Hot, sunny, breeze Friday giving way to calm rest of the week. I didn't go to...
  2. G

    Using Eggtimer Quantum to Stage Aerotech AP Motors

    Hi. I'm curious as to whether anyone has had success using an Eggtimer Quantum in airstage mode to stage an Aerotech AP motor. It appears that the 7.4V Lipo used by the Quantum is insufficiently powerful to fire the igniter included with the Aerotech F67's. Are there other battery options one...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Pyrotechnic booster separation

    I've seen several threads that doscuss HPR booster separation but haven't seen any actual, workable designs or flights. The electronics to airstart and separate boosters pyrotechnically exist in several altimeters/flight computers so that is the relatively easy part. But the design/fabrication...
  4. OverTheTop

    Head-End Ignition: A Successful Method

    Head-End Ignition: A Successful Method This is a basic description of the method I used for head-end ignition (HEI) on my recent two-stage flight. My method proved successful, I think, but please don’t blame me if you try this and get different results. I present it here purely for your...
  5. Jonathan 7

    Three stages, second stage air-starts 18mm 2x Cluster w Parasite Glider

    This one has a D12-0 booster that air-starts a two 18mm motor second stage (and an optional third stage, 18mm or 13mm). With the vent holes (see pics), it’s two for two on air starting both second stage motors. I wish I was a better artist - the paint job and decals leave much to be desired.
  6. M

    Why are university HPR teams having such difficulty with airstarts?

    Something I've been thinking about over the last couple days. As someone who is part of a university team myself, that had an upper stage ignition failure due to a faulty AV bay, this is a question that is near and dear to my heart. A lot of university teams, particularly those aiming to do a...
  7. Cameron Anderson

    Pyro battery circuit plans needed

    Anyone have a circuit diagram or experience with a seperate pyro battery set up for missileworks components? I have a PET2 timer and I want to airstart my second stage with an Aerotech J500. I bought some Wildman Big Uns to test which should be ignitable using the timer only, but I'd like to...