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  1. A

    Telemetry with Phenolic Tubes

    Hi all, I’m working on a rocket that’s going to use an L-class motor and have gone with a phenolic tube (which will be wrapped in a fiberglass sleeve) for the airframe. I know the phenolic tube isn’t RF-transparent, but how do people using phenolic tubes usually perform any telemetry (if they...
  2. tg08

    Fiberglassing Airframes

    At what point would I need to fiberglass an airframe? I'm building my level 1 cert rocket which I also hope to use for my level 2 certification in the distant future. It will pull at most 30 gees and reach a top speed of 800 miles per hour (on my L2 motor). I am using LOC 4 inch diameter...
  3. Frosty_Burrito

    High Aspect Ratio Airframe

    Hello everybody. I've got a rocket I am working on with an aspect ratio of about 22.5 (length to diameter). At this point, I am not concerned, but I was wondering at what point I would start to encounter issues or have to take other considerations into account if I were to increase the length...
  4. lowga

    BT-80 Fiberglass Airframe Available?

    I'm looking for a fiberglass airframe for a reproduction that I'm doing of an Estes kit. Need a BT-80 sized airframe. Google searches are not turning up much.