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  1. @modelrocketguy

    LOC Precision SkinWalker - SWR-004

    Hey all... I flew my =AZXHXaJFE7uPzm74IVNthV9oG1jHPH3x7oOxR6EkaU6g4H2k30S0sjR9I1otBeaqUyQJyzokm1LuNHAMxySPDJ-KsWtTIXd_Hta_AcEldMEOE04z50YnYHOuxjGoZAm6-ZekVkgj07-oResYu0sErYW65y2iE1dWCYISKXdMoid0pf8ElIy2LOB5KJav-OHBuFU&__tn__=kK-R']LOC Precision SkinWalker SWR-004 on Labor Day at...
  2. pendrin2020

    L3 Cert build for AirFest ... DX3 XL

    So back in April, I put up a gofundme, and after some really awesome friends and relatives threw in some cash, I picked up a Madcow DX3 XL for my birthday. The intention is to get my L3 at Airfest this year. Because of my internship this summer, a couple of NASA projects, and some medical...