aerotech 29/40-120 case hardware

  1. P

    3D Printing Aerotech RMS Wrench

    I designed a printable aft closure wrench for the Aerotech Hobby Line reloadable motors, like the one that AT sells but with a longer handle for better leverage and grip. I have not used it yet, although my 29/40-120 case is arriving later today so I will likely use it soon. You can download it...
  2. Luzwingnut

    Aerotech RMS 29/40-120 OUT-OF-STOCK??

    Just getting back into the hobby after a few decades...WOW have things changed!! Playing around with some of the LPR 18mm and 24mm stuff... scratch building an Estes Leviathan... 3.0" Body Tubes, Couplers, 1/8 plywood fins (got a pattern here at TRF) in an attempt to start amassing some MPR...