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  1. B

    Pitching Moments (OpenRocket technical documentation)

    This is my first post on this forum so I apologize if this post isn't in the right place, but I made my best guess as to where it might fit. I've been reading through the OpenRocket technical documentation, and after only just getting into it, I'm already a bit confused. It states that the...
  2. B

    CFD for Rockets

    Hi guys I had a question for you guys. After completing the OpenRocket design of a medium powered (L class) rocket, what kind of CFD is to be done on it, and why? Isn't the OpenRocket enough? Or are any other parameters determined doing CFD that can't be obtained on OpenRocket ? What are the...
  3. S

    Using Side Thrusters on a missile to create an angular acceleration

    Assume a rocket is standing on the ground with mass = 1000 kg, and near the top of rocket we apply a force of 100 N for say 1 sec,now assume that this is sufficient to tip rocket over/start tipping over. If the rocket is mid air and accelerating at 30m/s^2, then likewise how much force would be...
  4. Bill Hanson

    Measuring stress on drag device

    Hi All, I’m planning my L3. I have a 4” fiberglass MadCow DX3 XL, and planning on using an M1350 motor. However, this combo busts the altitude waiver, bottom line is that I need a planned apogee at about 11,000 AGL. Thought first about adding weight, but need close to 4 KG extra which creates...
  5. R

    Sounding rocket aerodynamics and hypersonic flights

    Hi, everyone! I'm currently searching for any helpful literature on aerodynamics to design the airframe of the sounding rocket so that it suits for varying flight conditions (passing through subsonic; hypersonic speeds). Any recommendations on maybe existing papers and researches?
  6. Interstellar

    Tips and Guidelines for Aerodynamic Stability?

    I've been designing a simple one stage rocket with OpenRocket, which allows the user to design and simulate their designs. I was always told that a general rule of thumb for a rockets stability is that the center of gravity should be 1-2 calibers above the center of pressure. With this rule...